Hair Color


"차세대 컬러 기술"로 정의된 PROMASTER EX는 헤어 컬러리스트가 원하는 컬러를 보다 효과적으로 제어할 수 있도록 함으로써 전문적인 컬러링의 새로운 표준을 제시합니다.

PROMASTER EX 의 독특한 색상과 5가지 기본 색조의 독특한 구성으로 헤어 컬러리스트는 무한한 색상 팔레트를 만드는 예술적 역할을 수행합니다.


  • Alkali type hair color for light coloring
  • This single process allows to reach the lightness of virgin hair between level 11 and 13
  • While achieving lightness, it offers beautiful colors in each hue


Promaster EX Light Level

  • An alkaline blond hair dye
  • Lifts black hair to hair colors as light as levels 11 to 13
  • Users can enjoy beautiful and varied shades of blonde

Quest for the right bleaching process for a more effective and powerful dye

A careful ratio of alkaline mixtures and alkali agents has led us to a bleaching process that is quicker. With this technology, effective bleaching to a lightness of level 14 is now possible. We are developing a line that reaches level 13 and includes LT/SH, which has similar alkali levels to existing light hair dyes. The level 13 line-up will be based on the ‘6-color wheel (A, M, G, C, R, V) + central axis (N)’, a conceptualization of color that has been adhered to strictly since the beginnings of Promaster.

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